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BRS Agrawal Translogistic Pvt Ltd, For all your packing, moving, warehousing, storage and logistics requirements.

BRS Agrawal Translogistic Pvt Ltd, For all your packing, moving, warehousing, storage and logistics requirements.




Residential relocation is a time consuming task for the person. For the house relocation one has to pack many more things that seem unlimited. To pack the things from a little spoon to big furniture is somewhat tedious work. Some household things like crockery, mirror, glassware etc should pack with extra care. The electronics items like computer and television should also packed carefully. The packing and shifting of the big households like washing machines, cupboards and other big furniture should have special attention and as also need workers. It seems trouble some to an individual. It may lead the probability of the damage. The people wish their goods remain safe and sound. One may get rid of these problems by taking the help of our trouble shooting services

If one tries to relocate on his own, he has to pay various expenses at different level and has to complete the entire different task alone. The important aspect is that, he has to do all the work without special expertise and he has to depend on the limited facility. So many possibilities are there to the raising of the cost and damage of the delicate items.       

On the other hand the BRS Agrawal Translogistic Pvt Ltd have all the expertise to fulfill the task. Our services are near to you on your fingertips. Our expert will give the estimate after surveying the things and situation, you may use our services as per your convenience. You may deal with us for the local, national or international relocation at the economic price.   

We have our expert team to conduct the packing of the goods. The packing of the goods in a proper manner is very important for the rearranging of the goods. Our professional team packs all households and then marks each and every box or carton. We use good quality of packing material, which gives safety to all items till its destination. The Packing has two points to be considered. One is quality packing materials and second is proper method of   packing.

Once packed, the goods are to be loaded. To load the goods we have well equipped instruments. The modern technology has made us more advance in this field.

We have warehouses and storage across all over India. We keep the goods there if required.
We have our well advance system for the storage of the goods.

Unload of the packages are also done by our experienced team. This systematic work results in stress less relocation of the residence..


The relocation in this corporate sector is so tough deal because of the involvement of many individuals This commercial relocation include office shifting, factory shifting or hotel shifting..

One should plan minutely for the commercial shifting. Because no one wishes that during the shifting the business affects. The main aspect in this shifting is the productive working hours. And the waste of time is considered as very big loss. So shifting of any office, factory or hotel, it takes special attention as far as time is concern. So the procedure of shifting should conduct as fast as possible. The shifting should carry out in such a way that it lessens the disturbance to the staff.

One has to face same situation as in the residential shifting, for the relocation of the business. There are many important things in the office. Important files should be packed carefully and systematically. These files and the documents should pack in such a manner that they may produce whenever they required.

The office contains large amount of stationary. So that is very important that, these all stationary should packed in very organized way. This methodically packed and marked stationary make the task of unloading and rearranging so easy and simple.

The BRS Agarwal packers and movers has experienced and trained professionals to cope up with all possible things. The all procedure required for the relocation of the office, factory or hotel like packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and rearranging are being completed with safe and secure way by our professionals.    

Our standard packing material helps our team to fulfill the task at its best.

When it’s the matter of relocation of the factory, the technical point of view should be considered for the shifting. The machinery, parts of machinery and various components should be packed with respect to safety as major concern.           

We have special equipped instruments to shift the light to heavy machinery. We have trained staff to operate the instruments. The procedure of relocation starts with the planning of the shifting. Planning of each and every level of the shifting seeks expertise. Our expert plans minutely for the all services. The convenience of the client is our motto.

We have our expert team with mechanical and electrification knowledge to deal with technical part of the procedure. They can handle the primary circuits, secondary circuits and to disconnect and reconnect the machine. For that we have fitters, welders, joiners. We have experienced engineers, supervisors and crane operators. We manage the administrative staff and customer support team to help at every level of the services.    

For the hotel shifting our expert plan it such a way the business does not affect any way.

They plan by considering each and every little matter about the hotel. Our customer care unit helps the customer to relocate with right path.


The BRS Agarwal packers and movers used the international quality packaging materials. We use different type of material for the different types of goods. The jewelry, the kitchen items, the toys, the stationary, the electronic items etc. are packed with different types of suitable materials.

We use different types of boxes like removal boxes, archive boxes etc. The cardboard wardrobes, packs of paper, mattress covers and book cartons etc. are used for the various things. Fragile packing is also used for the kitchen. The packing is given its final touch with the bubble wrap and export wrap.

Though we are using these quality materials its became safe and sound to be moved by our skilled and experienced team members only.


We offer different types of insurance to compensate the losses during the procedure of relocation. We offer packing insurance, auto insurance and moving insurances. The insurance make protect the goods against breakage or damage.

The terms and conditions and all the details are clearly mentioned in the document. Both the party has to sign the document.


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